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Music Education

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I have always enjoyed teaching kids. I have been told I have a lot of patience to be teaching music and dance to kids, but I don’t see it as having patience, I see it as having passion. When I am teaching kids, I feel great joy seeing them engaged and interested; especially when it is those kids that have the reputation of causing the most trouble who are the most interested. That drives me to teach them everything I’ve learned in my 25 year career - a variety of instruments and dances, as well as life lessons. This comes from the great teachers I’ve had. They’ve been patient with me and very eager to share their knowledge, so that is how I learned one should be taught. I would always share my knowledge with my nieces and nephews, teaching them technical drumming rhythms or afro-brazilian dance, and also sharing that through music and dance one can bring a lot of happiness not only to oneself but to the people around them. Teaching children brings me a lot of happiness because it takes me back to when I was learning. I like the feeling of making a difference in their day - teaching structure and creativity through music and dance

It is the understanding and the spirit of the individual teacher that sparks the potential to transform others” - Anonymous

I read that quote somewhere and it really stuck with me. That describes how I view my position as a teaching artist. I have the opportunity to transform some of these kids, even slightly, towards something good and positive. I keep that in my head when I am teaching.

I want to make sure the kids have fun and feel confident. I like to create an environment without judgement since I know it can be discouraging at times when learning a new skill. I want to teach by example and teach effectively and artfully because this is a tiny piece of the future of art in America. I believe in the potential for learning and change, and the impact music and dance can have on these kids’ lives is great - even if they don’t decide to pursue music in their future careers. The techniques grasped when learning music and dance are tied to many other subjects and can enhance the child’s abilities. I believe there is science to prove that. I would like to have that kind of impact on these kids as I believe in their potential.

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