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By Fabio Santana
Trombone player, Singer, 
Performer / Dance Instructor.

The Sawtell MPB Jazz Trio is back at the West LA Farmers Market on February 10th, 3 sets starting 10am.
This is my  laboratory were I can play and expiriment some songs using diferent textures and flavors, fresh for good taste of the West LA Farmers Market costumers and freinds.

Great music, fresh vegetables and fruits, the venders preparing a delicius food and good friends to enjoy a nice Sunday morning.


My friend and DJ/producer Yukicito,  just release his EP called "One" through the label Wonderwheel Records, and I had the opportunity to sing in one of his songs. 

The song Cumbaião is a mix of the Colombian Cumbia and Baião, a traditional rhythm from Brazil.
Check out the song in the link below:



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